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This is the realm of aspiring filmmaker Darrell Ray aka En?gma. In an effort to bring creative stories and
immersive worlds back to the forefront of filmmaking once again, Darrell has set out on a journey a long time in the making.
A long-time avid enthusiast and critic, Darrell began studying films at an early age and he has since reached a level of comprehension of film theory that few filmmakers can hope to achieve.

Upon reaching what he believes to be ‘enlightenment’, Darrell then sought out a professional learning environment and enrolled in Full Sail University to attain a degree in Digital Cinematography so that he could study film theory and gain an even greater grasp of the medium.

Armed with a unique approach to storytelling and an ability to craft immersive worlds that draw the audience in more than ever before, Darrell is on a path towards greatness and will soon burst onto the scene in a major way.

If you are an aspiring actor, cinematographer, fellow filmmaker, or even just a fan of film looking for films that capture the imagination again- you’ve come to the right place. The En?gma is the one you seek.