How’d They Do That? ‘Inception’ Hallway Dream Fight

Practical Vs. Digital Effects: The Anti-Gravity Dream Scene from Inception

Inception Hallway Dream Fight Scene – Art of the Scene from Cinefix on YouTube.

This video details the science, time, and effort that went into crafting the now-famous anti-gravity fight scene in the 2010 Christopher Nolan film ‘Inception’. This scene was shot in its entirely without utilizing digital effects of any kind. I am always inspired watching the behind the scenes footage on films such as these because it reminds me of just how much care is given to things that people are passionate about. When people get together with a common goal in mind, they can achieve great things.

This scene could’ve been crafted using digital effects but it would not have had the same impact on the viewer. You can only digitize so much before the audience becomes aware that what they’re looking at is fake. This scene showcases the beauty of practical effects and their benefits over CGI or Computer Generated Imagery.



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